Yuzu Life


meet the team

Yuzu-san: author and yuzu-ability expert will be working with us on selected projects. He is currently writing a book on usability to be published later this year.

The YUZUlife

Hello, this is YUZUlife here. We invite you to come and live the YUZUlife with us. We're progressive, super creative and full of ideas. Our design is fresh and our development is tart, the perfect mixer for a cool summer drink. Your project is unique and special. We approach it that way; by getting to know you, your objectives and goals. That's as serious as we get. Work is play to us. Our style is a little bit Japanese along with a whole lot of everywhere.

yuzulife people

YuzuLife is a team effort with most of the focus on the work. Yuzu-san says it best, "In the West, too much attention goes to the personalities involved in the creative process and not to the work itself. In Japan we take a broader view. While hierarchies are respected and key individuals seen as an important part of the overall mechanism, the greater focus is on a successful result. That type of thinking applies to company culture as well. We don't personalize work culture or have a particular type of employee. All workers are cogs, albeit with different names, appearance and titles. In the end, it's about the work."


  • Creative / Design Strategy Brainstorming, design consultation and strategy
  • Mobile Visual / UI Design UI Screens, design screens psd's, graphical elements, iconography
  • Visual Design for the web/web apps: UI Screens, design screens psd's, graphical elements, iconography
  • Web Application UI/UX Design: Site maps, schematics, screens, wireframes, flows, iconography
  • Front-end Development: Web standards/accessible - valid XHTML/CSS Code, WordPress
  • Back-end Development consultation: CMS - (opensource) Drupal, DBs, Shopping Cart: Xcart, Zencart
  • Brand + Identity: Logos, logomarks,
  • Online Marketing: Lead gen emails, outbound emails, landing pages and microsites

Please note

We are a completely virtual shop and have been virtual for quite a while. We are very efficient and have a solid work process.

While we'd love to meet you, it's not always possible. That's what Skype is for.