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Are you making your clients look like Hilary Clinton?

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Not that there is anything wrong with looking like Hilary. But short blonde bobs are a pretty safe bet and won’t get many oohs and ahhs on the red carpet. If you’re watching the bobs roll out like on an assembly line at your hair salon – perhaps it’s time to fire your stylist. The same applies to designers. Too many tired drop shadows, turned up corners and bubbles are grounds for immediate dismissal. We all do it because we know it’s a sure thing, but too much of it is a creative cop out. Eventually these safe design options will lead to the client going elsewhere for more innovative work.

I have a rule which works for me. I will use one, maybe two of these designs elements within a fresh layout that includes lots of original visuals elements. Ideas for the visuals are pulled from the client Info Gathering phase – as a result clients tend to respond positively when they see their input taken seriously. Especially when the work is moving in a great direction. At this stage I think it’s important to get other colleagues involved – getting their feedback is super important. Make sure every element serves a purpose; even if it’s just pointing the way.

Finally, sometimes it’s a good thing to have a client go away. It can be very liberating. When you’re creating a couple of boring landing pages every month that always look more or less the same and bring in a safe, dependable amount of money, it’s hard to let it go. Especially in these times. However I’ve found that when this happens, almost immediately something new comes in its place 100 Xs more creative and fun.