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10 Super helpful tips for Visual Designers during the design phase

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

1- Make sure you understand the project requirements and objectives thoroughly: including IA/UI/UX
2- Don’t begin until you have at the very least 1st draft copy/content in place
3- Try working within a grid system, it’s a good practice
4- Don’t be afraid to take creative risks by putting your unique perspective into the work, you can add trendy stuff later if it works
5- Try working in Fireworks curing this phase, the app’s vector features makes rapid prototyping easy. You can do the final creative in PS
6- Create tons of mocks with completely different approaches; work quickly, throwing in ideas randomly, almost like mood boards
7- Assess, then go on a major editing binge; throw out everything that doesn’t work or perform a function
8- Take at least a day or a night away from the work to get some space and perspective
9- Narrow down the designs, step away/outside of yourself when reviewing your work, be objective
10- Get lots of feedback from your creative colleagues before the client review