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Access to unlimited ideas and creativity

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

You know you’re perfect in every way and quite a genius, but other people don’t get it – to them you’re just another version of themselves. In this common scenario there is no room for creativity – anywhere. Operating from an ego-centric, off-the-shelf identity kills inspiration at its source. This creative process just reproduces many versions of the same thing.

I call this operating from the tiny self. The tiny self can only exist in a small, airless room – full of thoughts (compulsive thinking) – it sees nothing but itself. It marinades away like pickles in brine. It can get pretty putrid in there.

We hear so much about thinking outside the box but very few of us can actually move outside the box in the first place. I’m always leery of clients who request a designer who can think outside the box. They will usually request whatever is trendy for no reason. Plus, have you ever noticed how obnoxious creativity is when it’s trying too hard? Especially in design.

How can you get to a place of inspiration and brilliance? The best way to do this (aside from knowing your craft very well) is to go completely blank, get rid of that tiny self. Work on slowing down your thoughts, the objective is a blank mind. You don’t have to do it perfectly, just do the best you can. When you feel you’ve met your bigger self, let it come up with ideas, inspirations and solutions. Be fully confident in the bigger self; just implement whatever it requests.

Super well-known design stars will think this is a lame idea but I’m absolutely confident that it works. It can work for any designer at any level. My best work comes from this practice.